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The primary goal of the Combat Air Museum is to pay tribute to the men and women in military aviation who have served our Nation throughout its history. The Museum strives to provide an educational center and exhibits which show the history of military aviation and the development of aeronautical technology. More than a collection of aircraft, the Combat Air Museum houses a wide variety of military and aviation-oriented artifacts ranging from WWI to the present day. Through the efforts of dedicated friends and volunteers, our mission is to provide a center for education and for the preservation of military aircraft and artifacts by showing and demonstrating their importance to the world today.

Your help in becoming a member will be invaluable toward supporting the Museum's mission and goals. Your membership dues will also help us preserve and present aviation heritage for the education of the public.


  • Members receive UNLIMITED FREE ADMISSION during the entire year. Members can come as often as they like.
  • Members receive a bi-monthly NEWSLETTER (Plane Talk) to keep them informed of what’s happening at the Museum.
  • Members can attend the bi-monthly series of MEMBERSHIP LUNCHEON PRESENTATIONS on a variety of interesting topics
  • Members receive a 10% DISCOUNT in the Gift Shop on hundreds of memorable and aviation-related items.

Every dollar the Combat Air Museum spends is “squeezed twice” to ensure it is spent wisely. Most all of the funding we receive from Membership Dues, Visitor Admission Charges and periodic Fundraisers go to the cost of maintaining and operating the two hangars and to pay the small staff (2) that keeps the Museum open.

As much as possible is spent to improve the Museum in ways such as:

  • Restoring aircraft and military vehicles and preserving those in our care
    Protecting the artifacts in our care and improving ways we display them to visitors
    Providing aviation-oriented programs to the public

If they are interested, we encourage members to become volunteers to help at the Museum, especially in the Gift Shop, or to become Tour Guides. Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in the Museum.

Link to pdf format: Membership Application Form
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