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Fokker Dr.1 Scale Replica
Fokker Dr.1Triplane 75% Scale Replica German WWI Fighter

Reinhold Platz designed the Fokker Dr.1 (Dreidecker) in Germany during the First World War. The Fokker Flugzeug-Werke GmbH manufactured the Dr.1 in Schwerin, Mecklenberg. The first production model, designated as the model Fokker V.5, came off the production line in August 1917 and the German ace, Manfred von Richthofen tested the design in September, declaring the model superior to the recently commissioned British Sopwith Triplane design.

The Dr.1 saw widespread frontline service in the spring of 1918, becoming famous in a red livery as the aircraft in which von Richthofen achieved the last 19 of his 80 wartime air combat victories, and the plane in which he was killed on 21 April 1918.

The Dr.1’s twin, synchronized 7.92mm Spandau machine guns were standard firepower for the era. The maneuverability of the plane was deemed to be exceptional and, despite some minor design aileron and other structural shortcomings, and poor quality control/workmanship at the Fokker plant, von Richthofen wanted quick delivery of the model to his Jasta (squadrons) to counter the British Sopwith entry.

Fokker delivered over 300 Dr.1s up to mid-1918 when the updated and vastly superior model Fokker D VII superseded the triplane.

Later tests on the Dr.1 showed that the lower wing carried a much lower lift capability than the upper wing, an imbalance which proved to be a critical negative at higher airspeeds.


Our Fokker has been donated by Dick Lemons of the Dawn Patrol in Liberty, Kansas City. It is displayed in the main hangar.

  General Characteristics
Aircraft Type: Single seat triplane fighter
Length: 18 ft. 11 in (5.77 m)
Height: 9 ft. 8 in (2.95 m)
Top Wing:
23 ft. 7 in (7.19 m)
Middle Wing:
20 ft. 5 in (6.23 m)
Lower Wing:
18 ft. 9 in (5.73 m)
Wing area:
200.9 sq. ft. (18.70 m2)
Empty Weight: 895 lbs. (405 kg)
Gross Weight: 1,295 lbs. (587 kg)

1 × Oberursel Ur.II 9-cylinder rotary engine, 110 hp. (82 kW)

Maximum speed: 115 mph (185 km/h) at sea level
Stall speed: 45 mph (72 km/h)
Range: 185 miles (300 km)
Service Ceiling: 20,000 ft. (6,100 m)
Empty Weight: 895 lbs. (405 kg)
Gross Weight: 1,295 lbs. (587 kg)
Armament: Two 7.92mm Spandau LMG 08/15 (Lightened Machine Gun)
Assembly works on the Fokker Dr.1
Assembling the Fokker Dr.1
Dick & Sharon Starks and crew assemble the triplane
October 4th was the big day
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